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Imaforni has designed and manufactured pizza ovens since 1973. By applying our considerable experience in the design of Direct Gas-Fired ovens, we developed this type of oven for high-temperature baking with short baking times, for products such as pita breads and pizzas. The latter showed the most interesting market growth and we now have several references among the top pizza makers, with some of the best performance installations in Europe.
Pizza can be baked in three types of ovens:
· Direct Gas Fired
· Cyclotherm
· Electric
The choice depends on the type of product being handled and on its baking time. Direct Gas Fired or Electric ovens are used where high temperature and short baking times are required. The Cyclotherm oven is used for mild baking temperatures of around 250 °C and baking times in the range of 8-10 minutes: it is more suitable for pizza in a tray.

The baking conveyor is of great importance in this technology: stone tiles laying on metal slats which are supported by two thick lateral chains is currently the preferred type of conveyor. The enormous mass of metal in motion, and its speed (the baking time is in the order of 60 to 90 seconds), is a technical challenge which cannot be underestimated: it requires huge experience and know-how! This type of conveyor is usually used in Direct Gas-Fired ovens.
The pizza can also be baked on a tray or directly on the wire mesh conveyor.
As pizza bakers know well, the unloading of the baked pizzas from the stone & chain conveyor is a critical moment: we have developed several solutions to ensure perfect transfer of your products to the next stage of the process.
The controls available to the operator in each zone are: the temperature of the baking chamber, top and bottom heat ratio and the extraction of moisture from the chamber.

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